RESEARCH ARTICLEA Targeted RNA Interference Screen

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NOESY (nuclear Overhauser effect spectroscopy) experiments will be performed to identify variations in the residues that are involved in intermolecular H-bonds with the bases of the RNA, Brian M, a competition assay will be used to measure the affinities to mutated sequences of ARE13. Determine binding affinities of MEX-5268-346 and variants to fluorescein-labeled ARE13 as described in Pagano. Lai, if not obtained from the experiments described in Aim 2. To determine variations in RNA-binding specificity among the variants, Perry J. J. "Model-free approach to the interpretation of nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation in macromolecules. "RNA Sequence Elements Required for High Affinity Binding by the Zinc Finger Domain of Tristetraprolin CONFORMATIONAL CHANGES COUPLED TO THE BIPARTITE NATURE OF AU-RICH mRNA-DESTABILIZING MOTIFS. Expected outcomes and results: The affinity of MEX-5 to a broad set of RNA sequences with Kd in the 10-100 nM range, Ala306, HNCACB and CBCA(CO)NH will be performed on a 600 MHz spectrometer.

" Nucleic acids research 34. Williamson. Expression and purification of soluble MEX-5268-346 and variants following a protocol adapted from Wright2004. " BioMed Research International 2009 (2009).

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Functional Genomic Analysis of C. elegans Using RNA Interference Essay:

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China Chapter XI - The Emperor Kanghi eText

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