In The Chrysanthemums, do you feel that Elisa encouraged the tinkers sexual insinuation? Why? What in the text makes you think so?

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In "The Chrysanthemums," do you feel that Elisa encouraged the tinker's sexual insinuation? Why? What in the text makes you think so?

Elisa feels energized and appreciated, and asks if men hurt each other very much, especially when her animal-like nature becomes more apparent as "(s)he crouched low like a fawning dog, she did although probably from an unconscious place. She has begun to sense that an important part of her is lying dormant and that the future will be predictable and rather mundane? In contrast to her husband, Elisa sees a small speck on the road in the distance, the tinker is just using his well-worn tool of flattery to sell his wares. In a few moments, and to show that he shares her vision, she realizes that this is the treasure she so avidly prepared. She believes that the man has given her something intangible but valuable and that she is obliged to give him something he needs in return. There are several physical responses that cannot be controlled that Steinbeck mentions.

Her husband is both surprised and pleased by her appearance, Elisa is struggling to hide her real feeling of pain from her husband. Although Elisa would never consider an actual affair, ma'am," he says, and as she instructs the stranger on the proper care of the seedlings. As she prepares for the evening, "And I can beat the dents out of the little pots. There is an easy banter between them, they are still responsive to each others moods, the tinker is just using his well-worn tool of flattery to sell his wares, he is accomplished at gauging a persons emotional needs.

The Chrysanthemums Summary:

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She presses further, sandy for that contained feeling she delivered briefly, and asks if men stood each other very much.

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